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Blaze Ride is a ridesharing app that connects people looking for rides with Blaze Drivers to get them to where they have to go. Getting around town has never been easier!




You can download the Blaze Ride app in Apple Store (iOS), and Google Play Store (Android).

4. How can I order my ride now?

To order a Blaze Ride you must first download the App and create a new account. Once you have done this or if you already have an account set-up it’s really easy: open the application, type your destination, and press submit! Our closest Blaze Driver is now on their way to pick you up.

5. How do I schedule my ride for later?

There is an option on the Map View, which allows riders to select Ride Now or Ride Later.

6. Is Blaze Ride available where I live?

Please see our locations for where our drivers are available to be ordered for ride pickups!

7. How do I pay?

You can make mobile payments through the Blaze Ride app by uploading any major credit card from any country into your profile payment option! You can also use 3D secure for any payment. All personal, and financial information is confidential, safe and secure.

8. What is your Pet Policy?

We respect our drivers and their vehicle policies. While some drivers may not accept pets, there are definitely Blaze Drivers that are pet friendly! Be sure to mention in the notes section if you are travelling with a furry friend.

9. Can I order a vehicle that has a car baby seat/child seat?


10. Are your rides accessible?

Please see our Blaze Accessible Ride for our passengers who need an accessible vehicle to get around town.

11. How do you ensure the safety of Blaze Ride passengers?

Your safety is our priority! Our drivers are thoroughly screened and trained to deliver the safest and enjoyable ride for our passengers. Our rating and feedback system ensures only our best Blaze Drivers stay on the roads for our riders.

12. What if my Blaze Ride driver gets into an accident?


13. What are extra charges?

Extra charges are unforeseen costs due to wait times, vehicle damages, and cancellations.

14. What type of rides can I get?

Blaze Ride offers a selection of vehicles to ride in order to accommodate all our rider’s needs. Assuring any ride is available for any occasion. For more information about the types of rides you can select click here.

15. Can I request a specific type of vehicle?

Yes, you certainly can! See the different types of ride vehicles you can order here.

16. Can I request multiple vehicles?

You can only request multiple vehicles with the corporate dispatcher panel.

17. How old do I have to be to ride along?

All solo-riding passengers must be 16 years or older in order to ride.

18. How do I redeem promotional credit or discount codes?

Riders have the option to redeem any promotional credits or discount codes in the Blaze Ride app before ordering a ride.

19. What are the fare rates for vehicles?

The rates for rides entirely depend on the type of vehicle selected. See here for more information on fare pricing and the types of rides offered.

20. What’s your cleaning and damage Policy?

Any spills, pet stains, exterior or interior damages will be charged to your account. Drivers will provide statement of cleaning fees and shall be covered by the user.

21. Is there surge pricing?

No, Blaze Ride offers fixed pricing for each type of vehicle. no matter the time of day you can expect to pay the same rates everytime.

22. Passenger Policy


23. Report a problem?


24. Ride Pink?

Blaze Ride offers an exclusive female rideshare service. Pink Ride allows female passengers to feel comfortable, safe, and trusted from beginning to the end of the ride.

25. Ride Corporate?

Blaze Ride offers an exclusive service to just Corporate Partners. Blaze Ride is an easy way to manage your company’s travel needs. Set-up your employees on the Blaze Ride Corporate account – Track Expenses, and Save on Costs with Reliable and Safe Blaze Rides for your company, your clients and your employees!

26. Ride Accessible?

Blaze Accessible is a service we provide to those that require accessible transportation to get them to their destination.

27. What about tolls?


After Ordering Ride

1. How will I know when my ride has arrived?

You will receive a notification alerting you that your driver is waiting outside. If the driver does not see you outside they will call or text you through the Blaze App to let you know they are outside waiting at your location.

2. How will I know if my ride is running late?

The Blaze Rider App tracks status of the driver in real-time with GPD positioning. You will be able to follow your driver and know where they are through the entire journey.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

i. Cancellation Fee (time)
ii. Refunds

4. Who do I contact if there is an issue with my ride?

For all issues, concerns, or problems with your ride or driver please contact support tem at

After Journey

1. Can I tip my driver?

Yes, you are able to provide a tip to your driver if you feel the desire to tip your driver you are able to upon completion of the ride. Drivers earn 100% of the tip (deducting any processing fees necessary).

2. How do I get a receipt for my journey?

Invoices and Receipts can be viewed in the Trip History section of the Blaze App.

3. How do I rate my driver? Can I provide feedback on my ride and driver?

Rate and provide feedback after every ride journey the Driver Rating screen will view on your app. We want to hear from you to assure Blaze Ride experience satisfies all our Blaze passengers. If you would like to provide further feedback on your ride or driver please submit here.

4. Can I request my driver again?

No. Drivers closest to the pickup location will be requested.

5. I left something in my ride, what do I do?

For all items, you may have left behind from your ride please contact Blaze Ride Support.


1. How do I create an account?

To create an account please click here

2. How do I retrieve or reset my password?

Under the Sign In login screen select ‘Forgot Password’ option and enter your email address that is associated with the account. An email will be sent to you to confirm your account and change your password.

3. Are my personal information and financial details private and secure?

Yes! Blaze Ride is secure by design. We achieve PSI-DSS compliance for all your payments and keep your financial and personal information confidential.


1. How do I become a Blaze driver?

To become a Blaze Driver please see here for more information on driving requirements and screening procedure.

2. Does my vehicle meet the Blaze requirements? What are the vehicle requirements?

Please see here for all Blaze Ride vehicle requirements! All vehicles must meet all requirements in order to be permissible to drive on the roads for Blaze.

3. Earnings and Tax Information?


4. How much will I earn driving with Blaze?

You will earn 85% of every ride you complete! We also have bonuses for our drivers when they hit milestone goals.

5. Where can I download the Blaze Driver app?

You can download the Blaze Driver app here:

6. Do I have to drive a certain amount of hours for Blaze?


6. Do I have to drive a certain amount of hours for Blaze?

Not at all! Being a Blaze Drive enables you to take control and be your own boss. You have complete control as the driver on what day and what time you want to work. Drivers that do not drive for 3 months will be placed on inactive status and will have to call in to reactivate your account.

7. How do I use the Driver app?


8. I have issues with my driver app. Who do I contact?

For all technical app bugs, fixes, or issues please contact the Blaze Support at

9. How can I update my personal information?

Menu > My Profile, select edit.

10. Where and When can I drive?


11. How do I get paid?


12. Insurance Policy


13. Can I use a rental car to drive with Blaze?

Must be pre-approved by Blaze Rental Car Partners (unapproved vehicles will result in permanent termination from Blaze Drive platform)

14. How do I improve my Driver Rating?

See our 5 star training video to learn more on how you can offer the best ride experience for your passengers video

15. What do I do if my vehicle doesn’t pass the vehicle inspection test?

If your vehicle for some reason does not clear the vehicle inspection test, correct the issue and go back to redo the inspection.

16. My background was not approved by Blaze to be a Driver. Why was I not approved?

17. What if I drive for a ride-share company already?

We welcome all other experienced rideshare drivers to be part of the Blaze Ride community! When driving with Blaze, you must abide by all terms and conditions set forth by Blaze.

Corporate / Business / Employee User

1. How do I set up my corporate account with Blaze Ride?

Please call Blaze Support to get your company signed up with Blaze Corporate

2. How do I make my ride a business trip?

To make your ride a business trip, you must first have access to the corporate account. Once you have this, open your app, request a ride, and press submit! You also have the option to ride now, or schedule for later – It’s that easy.

3. How do I add employees to the Corporate Account?


4. How do I receive ride statements?

You will receive all ride statements through the corporate dispatch panel.

Blaze Pink

1. Do we cater to transgender women and gender non-conforming individuals?

Yes, absolutely! We at Blaze Ride do not discriminate, we endorse equality. We aim to provide a safe, affordable, and reliable solution to transportation for EVERYONE!

2. There is a male passenger in our group, can they ride with Blaze Pink?

Yes! As long as the female passenger that orders the Pink ride mentions in the notes section that you will be riding with a male passenger to notify our female drivers.